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By Leomar Tulang

Nowadays, we are travelling in a course of a fast changing world. Some may not agree but whether like it or not, good and bad things will confront us no matter where we go. Everyone has a desire to succeed and everyone always has a chance to achieve their goals. With the right amount of determination and dedication to everything we do, success will be just around the corner.

As far as I can remember, I took the “staff writer” position upon signing the application for the English and Hyperlink Club, but God knows why I ended up becoming the President. Reluctant, I could simply turn down the position and better be a regular student knowing that never in my life I’ve wished to become a president in such a bigger organization. Then I thought, perhaps this is my time to shine, this is my turn to showcase what I’ve got, and this is all I need to prove to my myself that, I too, can do impossible things. And so, I welcomed myself into the world of leadership.

Learning from the expert, being a leader must have key qualities that would allow us to surpass the odds and hopefully to become a successful one. The same way to every recipe that has some key ingredients making it worthy and unique—ingredients that includes people who will be altogether bringing both the organization and the institution into the greater heights. I have the passion, yes. I have dreamed of making things better. I envisioned that one day my sacrifice will be paid off through the recognition its worth. These and all, are yet to be proven.

In the organization, I have come to realize that not everything can actually be the decided by the leader’s opinion. By listening to your subordinates, inviting them to participate, and acknowledging their concerns, it creates a better relationship among each other simply because everyone is unique and creative by their own. No one could ever tell that one’s idea can be a lot better than what is being discussed, that’s the essence of teamwork and that alone could ease up the burden. It reflects their interests in which I truly appreciate, it fuels my soul.

However, there’s always a time when everything seem to be disordered. With everyone’s personal affair, it’s no surprise that they’d somehow lose interest. In a situation like this, it reminded me that a leader is to inspire and to motivate in pursuit of the desired outcome no matter what it takes as I have pledged my commitment to serve well the purpose of my duty. It’s only one of the many challenges that I should face and be the best as I could to conquer it all. I may have suffered defeat but it doesn’t mean I am defeated. There’s an organization I had to run and what was lost should never be a cause to the detriment of our goals.

It was never easy being a leader especially to my case. (1) I’m known to be funny and approachable: making me everyone’s best friend that they may tend to abuse my kindness. (2) I don’t make enemies: keeping my command well-mannered and avoiding of abusively executing my power but I am strict on things that requires urgent attention. (3) I dislike criticism: I can assume they’d get sometimes irritated reminding them over and over again of their tasks but they’re not just doing it only for me, it’s for everyone and hearing someone talking against our organization really gets into my nerve. At the same time, it’s healthy to know what they would have to say as a remark of things we need to work out. (4) I have a day job: it’s not that every day of the week I can be around in school but I find it challenging organizing myself into getting my hands on every activity I have to deal with for a day. With these, I realized being a leader can be stressful, quite annoying, and pretty hard. But at the end of the day, when every sacrifice was all paid off, when every challenge we conquered all together, and when everything we sow were ready to be reap, it’s as if we’ve done something worthwhile during our lifetime.

After all, a leader is the first one to enter the room and last one to leave. Not to make sure everyone has left, but because to see them walking ahead me, leads me to the greater in things in life I couldn’t imagine I can possibly reach. They say leaders inspire people, I’d say people also inspire leaders.