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A day of  fun and entertainment: 

By: Krizel M. Bagohin


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On the second day of September 2015 held the organization Day of AMA Computer Learning Center, Davao Branch at its place. “This was designed to create a fund raising activity for the clubs by givingthe students a day to experience pleasure in exchange for the price they pay”, quoted by Ms. Lady Lyn B. Sullano, moderator of both Hyperlink and English Club. To make it brief, each club prepared something to present on that day.

The I.T. Club thought of a brilliant idea of having the most trending online game which is Dota 2 as a competition. Expectedly, numbers of student mainly males came to play to showcase their talent on that game.IMG 5873

The Hyperlink and English Club created a Jail booth, its purpose is to challenge one’s English skills.

We had a great laugh at the victims of that booth really. Of course, the Freedom wall won’t be out of the picture as well as the Letters to Juliet. Both was made to hear student’s screams and complaints and was really an effective one. A lot of students scream out their unspoken thoughts and feelings by posting letters on it.

Also, breathtaking portraits for the exhibit made personally by some members of the club. Amazing photographs are  all over the room, you can conclude that that pictures are drawn by a professional if you’re not aware that it’s just a mere student who had done it all. Indeed, they have potentials of making artworks. Marriage booth, well, you already have a clue about that, but the very unique and ironic thing is there’s an Annulment booth just beside it! What a crazy thing it was. It really made a gossip out of the students. Lastly, they had Film Viewing which showcases horror movies that left thrill and goose bumps as they watched it. Almost everyone queued for this arousing movies.

            IMG 5638The Socio Cultural Club managed the event for the morning program. They had the chance to present our Mr. and Ms. Organization Day of this year’s event. They even had a dance competition for the sensational song ‘twerk it like Miley’. In the afternoon, they had the Variety Show that was witnessed by the students and some of the faculty and staff.

All Clubs created a food station and was graded by Ma’am Mariefil D. Tamayo, Sir Jhon Ace Quibuyen and Ma’am Jessica Soco. A lot more stuffs happened on that day and you can see the smiles plastered on student’s faces that lasted till the end of the event.

However, as I came to understand it profoundly, I discovered some of the student’s complaints. “It wasn’t that organised”, said a student. “It wasn’t as successful as the former event”, he added. And it hit me, yeah sure it wasn’t, the staff ran out of time for the preparation maybe because the event was not said promptly. But still, it turns out pretty well