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Does Forever Really Exist? (Opinion)

always-forever 4Does Forever Really Exist? According to the dictionary, forever is an endless and seemingly interminable time. On the other hand, lifetime, that refers to a time that a person is alive. And if I am to choose between the two, I'll choose lifetime. Is there really forever? For me, forever is only present in God. Forever doesn't exist in this world because anything in here is partial and have endings. Forever only exists in fairytales. Our life here is reality, not fantasy. All things that happened in reality are not according our will but of God. That's why many of us wished that this life would turn into a fantasy so that they can do what they want on their own, but it will never happen.We have different opinions about forever, but it only depends on the situation. Some people believed, but some doesn't. Others will say, "How about our grandmother and grandfather?" Their love for each other does matter, but still, they die. This scenario was just a proof that we only have lifetime to live and love. Kris Aquino once said, "If you love, make it seems that it is forever, not temporary". She doesn't mean that your love will be forever. She wants to emphasize that in loving someone we must give our best for now because we doesn’t know what tomorrow would bring. Our best efforts, best understanding and best everything with our true love are the keys in order to have it lasting. It really doesn't matter if forever does exists or not. What matters the most is what you've done for today that molds you for tomorrow and in the near future. Just continue living and giving all of your best for now so that you will not regret the things you didn't do when you have the chance. “Time is gold”. Too cliché, but it's true. We can’t turn back time, ones it passed it will never be back again. What happened in the past will remain in our past, but, what happened in the past has an effect on what we would be in the future. As an advice, don’t be bitter when you have a hurtful past that make you think forever doesn’t exist, instead, change for the better. Let your change be the light in your future. To move on is not to forget, but, to move on is to forgive and to accept. Forgive those people involved and accept the fact even if it hurts. Time flies, time changes our feelings, time heals wounds. Time helps us move on because even hurtful moments have NO FOREVER. Always remember that “there will always be a rainbow after the rain”.

Insirah Sultan (BO2) "There is really a forever, in love, there is. It depends on the person how he/she handles the relationship. But it needs trust, loyalty and love. True forever is in God."
Catherine Mira Diapana (BO2) "For those who are brokenhearted, forever doesn't exist. For those who are in a relationship, forever does exist. For singles, well, they're just searching for their forever."
Jessa Sarajina (SD) "Even if I'm single, forever does exist."
Pamela Jemina (SD) "Everything is temporary. Only God has a forever."
Annaliza Toleda (SD) "Forever doesn't exist. We will all die, all has an ending."
Rowena Nocos (OIS) "Love is everything"
Krizel Bagohin (ADT) "Forever doesn't exist, indeed. Simply because I believe that the only constant thing in this world is 'change'. Everything is just temporary- what you have and what you don't will come and go as you struggle to face the journey of our lives."